Changes to the NEBOSH National General Certificate syllabus 2019

The syllabus for the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety was updated in September 2019.

The 2014 specification was replaced by the new 2019 specification which aims to provide a more learner friendly experience. It was revised to reflect Health & Safety practices in the modern workplace and was produced with the input of over 3,000 leading experts, organisations, learners and learning partners.

What Has Changed?

The 2014 specification consisted of three units, followed by two 2-hour exams and a practical assessment:

  • NGC1: Management of health and safety (exam)
  • GC2: Controlling workplace hazards (exam)
  • GC3: Health and safety practical application (practical assessment)

The new 2019 specification has just two units, followed by one 2-hour exam and a practical assessment:

  • NG1: Management of health and safety (exam). This has replaced NGC1.
  • NG2: Risk assessment (practical assessment). This is a longer assessment than the previous GC3.

Though the course still runs over 2 weeks, the 2019 specification has less study time compared to the 2014 version.

The new specification recommends 113 hours of learning compared to 133 hours.

You’ll have 5 years to complete your NEBOSH General Certificate. This time frame starts from when you pass your first exam.

What does this mean if I’ve already passed the previous NEBOSH General Certificate?

If you’ve already passed the exams on the previous specification:

  • it will still be valid for health and safety job applications
  • it can still be used to apply for membership of professional membership organisations like IOSH and IIRSM
  • you will not need to state which specification you studied

What does this mean if I am currently studying the previous specification?

Delegates studying the previous specification have up to 31 March 2022 to complete the assessments.

What if I still want to study the 2014 syllabus?

The last date that new learners can be registered to the 2014 specification is the 29th February 2020. From March 2020, all new delegates will need to complete the 2019 specification.

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