Bias in Recruitment

Anyone involved in recruitment and selection within their organisation needs to be aware of the danger of hiring bias: when you form an opinion about candidates based on first impressions only.

As well as limiting your selection during the hiring process, it can impact your retention rates, hinder your workforce diversity, and even result in discrimination claims. So, how can you correct this bias affecting your judgement and decisions?

First, you need to learn how to recognise them. This course provides an overview of the key theories and discussions surrounding bias through the lens of recruitment and selection. You will develop a thorough understanding of what bias is, how it impacts you and your organisation specifically, and what steps you can take to challenge this bias, specifically when going through a recruitment process.

Course content

  • What is bias?
  • Why does bias matter?
  • How to become aware of bias
  • How to recognise different forms of bias
  • How to mitigate, embrace and challenge bias

Duration of Course

90 Minutes

Delivery Options

Virtual or In person

Learning Outcomes

After completing this session, learners will be able to:

  • Define bias and its forms
  • Explain the importance of recognising bias
  • Describe methods of mitigating, embracing and challenging bias

Why Capital Academy

Capital Academy’s employment  modules are specifically designed with time-poor senior and HR managers in mind. The training is fast-paced and designed to build on existing knowledge. Module resources such as fact-sheets and infographics are supplied to help you to find answers quickly when time is of the essence. All of our training is delivered by qualified solicitors who will remain available to you following the delivery of the training as a friendly face that knows your business, and who can deal with any follow up queries.