First aid during the COVID-19 pandemic

The HSE has recently revised the guidance on first aid requirements in non-healthcare settings during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidance also deals with first aid cover and qualifications at this time.

Within the guidance, you can find advice on:

  • checking your first aid needs assessment
  • how first aiders should treat casualties from a safe distance, minimise shared breathing zones and wash hands thoroughly
  • providing first aid cover during the pandemic, including sharing first aid cover with other businesses 

First aid certificate extensions

The COVID-related guidance includes updates for workplace first aiders with expired offshore medic, offshore first aid, first aid work, and emergency first aid at work certificates, due to improved availability of first aid training.

It is crucial that employers considering using people with expired first aid certificates start planning when requalification training will occur and provide evidence if required that staff are scheduled to attend a training course. In some circumstances, this may be even more of a priority due to either the qualification or when the certificate expired.

How can we help?

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