IOSH Managing Safely

The course is designed as an introduction to safety and health in the workplace for those who have a responsibility to manage their own and others’ safety.

The Managing Safely programme concentrates on training the delegate to apply sound principles to safety and health issues as part of a total health and safety management strategy.

What you will learn

  • how safety and health can and should be treated as an integral part of your responsibilities, using the same general approaches as in other aspects of your work
  • why accidents involving injury, health disorder or damage occur, and how to learn from them in order to prevent future accidents
  • how to recognise the hazards likely to be present in your place of work and the type of action which may be needed to control and manage them
  • about the specific procedures used in identifying hazards, assessing risks and developing risk control strategies
  • about the significance of attitudes to safety, and the necessary steps towards developing a safety culture
  • about the responsibilities falling on employers and themselves in relation to health and safety legislation, along with a basic understanding of the relevant legislation, its enforcement and compliance strategies
  • how to communicate effectively on safety and health matters with those who work for you, with those you report to, and with specialist safety and health practitioners whom you approach for guidance.