Strategic Leadership

This programme is designed for people who are either beginning a strategic role, or are well established operating at a strategic level, and need to lead their organisation to develop a new strategic framework.

We help leaders to understand the strategic environment, build a direction of travel, and establish a route to achieve it, all the time leading teams and the wider organisation to achieve its ambitions.

To do this, we explore the spectrum of leadership approaches and their impact, and how to adapt one’s style to the nature of the strategic challenges at hand.

About the course
Course content

  • Introduction to strategic leadership
  • Principles of strategic leadership
  • Anatomy of strategic leaders
  • Attributes of strategic leadership
  • Approach
  • Sensemaking
  • Tipping points
  • Strategic thinking
  • Relating
  • Framing and language
  • Leading change
  • Involvement and engagement

Duration of course

Bitesize, half day, full day or two programmes are available. Two-day programmes allow enough time to ground the learning with your organisation.

Why Capital Academy

All programmes delivered by the Capital Academy are designed to add value to people, teams, and organisations, and can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Our trainers offer expert industry knowledge and learning support, to help you develop your own understanding and skills. They will remain available to you after the delivery of the training, as a friendly face who can deal with any follow up queries. Ongoing support is also available via our consultancy firm, Capital People, or via our law firm, Capital Law.