Workforce Restructuring

An adaptable and forward-thinking business will assess, and potentially reconsider, its structure from time to time. Understanding the options and implications of a restructure before embarking upon changes can save time and ultimately, expense.

Not all restructures result in redundancies, but if they do, there are important rules and procedural steps that need to be followed. Notably if a complete overhaul is required which results in a large number of redundancies, additional obligations apply.

The complexities of completing HR1 forms and appointing employee representatives can be overwhelming, at a time when clarity of thought with regard to the “end goal” is essential. We’ll make sure you don’t get lost in the process.

Course content

  • Efficiency through restructuring
  • Restructuring that results in a reduction in head count (redundancies)
  • Redundancy rights
  • Redundancy process (for less than 20 redundancies in 90 days)
  • Pools, selecting in/out exercises, bumping
  • Extra protection for maternity
  • Collective consultation

Delivery Options

Webinar or face-to-face, lecture style

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module, you should have a basic understanding of redundancy rights and procedures. You should understand when a restructure might trigger a redundancy and what the alternatives might be. The module also covers a section on collective consultation for employers making 20 or more redundancies in 90 days, including how to complete the notification to the secretary of state.

Why Capital Academy

Capital Academy’s employment modules are specifically designed with time-poor senior and HR managers in mind. The training is fast-paced and designed to build on existing knowledge. Module resources such as factsheets and infographics are supplied to help you to find answers quickly when time is of the essence. All our employment law training is delivered by qualified lawyers who will remain available to you after the delivery of the training, as a friendly face that knows your business, and who can deal with any follow up queries.