Coaching & Mentoring

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Coaching and mentoring is at the heart of what we do. In short, it means having conversations with you and your team, to enhance your skills, wellbeing, and ultimately, your performance.

It permeates all our offering and, by definition, is tailored to your own personal and organisational needs. We work equally with senior leaders, experienced politicians, and people at the start of their career.

Through one-to-one sessions and group discussions, we’ll help you focus on solutions to overcome barriers. We won’t offer miracle recipes, or one size fits all advice. We’ll help you identify and understand, within yourself and your organisation, what it is you’re really after and how to attain it.

We can provide:
Leadership & executive coaching

We help current and aspiring leaders to improve and develop their approach, style, and capability to lead.

Our approach focuses on understanding the persons context, role, challenges, networks, and aspirations. We do this by offering a safe space to think through direction, challenges and development, and a sounding board to explore issues and generate new ideas. Often, this involves exploring the personal growth of the executive, covering topics such as values, identity and purpose and future career steps.

Behavioural coaching

We start from the premise that human behaviour is both learned and developable. Our individual approach and behavioural response to issues and events are based upon our values, identity, thoughts, and emotions.

Our behavioural coaching seeks to develop your understanding of your inner self, and to build a positive set of responses to both enable stronger relationships and deliver greater outcomes. It employs elements of psychometrics, emotional intelligence, neuro-linguistic programming, and cognitive and behavioural approaches to psychology.

Performance & solution focused coaching

Performance coaching aims to align the skills and behaviours of your people, to achieve greater performance, with an emphasis on monitoring progress and supporting people to stay on course.

Solution focused coaching helps people find solutions rather than problems, using a strengths-based approach to find positive ways forwards and overcome barriers, rather than dwell on limitations.

Team coaching

The role of a coach is to help a team achieve superior performance, while encouraging its members to create more fulfilling lives for themselves and others. We help your team to be more than the sum of its parts, through better understanding purpose, relationships, values, objectives, and ways of working.

Systemic & organisation coaching

The focus here is the development of your wider organisation – its whole system.

We open constructive conversations aimed at exploring and aligning strategic development, with more people-based aspects of your organisation’s social system. Our approach acknowledges that people, teams, and groups in organisations benefit from engaging in sequenced discussions to evolve, understand a commit to new directions, relationships, and alignments.

Meditation in coaching

Meditation is a powerful tool to enable people to take themselves out of their busy lives.

Being mindful of our inner world – emotion, thoughts and whole body focusing on the inside – is a great way to help a person calm down and centre themselves, so that they are in the best possible space to live their lives.

We offer different types of mediation, including:

  • Breath awareness
  • Meta (loving/kindness)
  • Body scan
  • Progressive
  • Zen/thought observation
  • Mantra/innovation
  • Truth and answers
  • Transformational
  • Individual and Group sessions

Mindfulness in coaching

Mindfulness is a technique to improve self-awareness and awareness of others. It’s an emotional mastery of both rational understanding of thought patterns (sometimes destructive), and of how they affect a person’s emotional life.

This sets the stage for deeper, more meaningful coaching, shifting from ‘doing’ mode (characterised by stories, thinking, oriented towards past or future, automatic pilot and reactions or impulses) into ‘being’ mode (oriented to the here and now, with a focus on feelings and process, intention, and creative choice).

Life & career coaching

Life coaching focuses on personal growth and development, incorporating ideas from psychology, neuroscience, sociology, development, and wellbeing.

Career development is also at core of this approach, bringing together elements of coaching and mentoring to gain insight into a person’s ambitions, personality, network, experience, and preferences.

Political coaching

We help political leaders to understand and thrive in their distinctive and fast-moving context.

The range of possible issues is wide, from creating a manifesto to dealing with specific challenges, or from building a political team and relationships to dealing with the press.

The goal is to help politicians to better understand themselves, their value, purpose, and motivations, and to provide them with a safe space to develop ideas and plans, before inspiring and supporting them to achieve their aspirations.