Organisational Development

We’ll help you develop a strategy that is aligned to your values, culture, and people.

By studying your organisation’s processes and your people’s behaviour, we can help you align your structural, cultural, and strategic objectives.

As well as improving overall performance, organisational development can help you build your capacity to change and innovate, and to develop greater agility — a skill that is increasingly valuable in today’s volatile world.

We offer a full-spectrum organisational development service — from developing your vision to organisational design, from governance to culture and behaviour — which we can tailor to your specific needs.

We will work with you seamlessly, to establish your current position, rethink your strategy, and ensure your ambition is resourced, managed, and delivered.

We can help with:
Leadership & top team development

We specialise in providing development for boards and executive teams. Our leadership service is entirely bespoke, tailored to your organisation. This includes guidance on team dynamics and behaviours, establishing shared values and vision, developing your approach to enterprise and strategic risk, building strategic framework, aligning resources and outcomes, delivering on ambition, and coaching for individuals and teams alike.

Strategic development & facilitation

Supporting the creation of a fully aligned strategic framework, we provide strategic facilitation using a full spectrum of approaches and methodologies. This includes articulating values and vision, enterprise and strategic risk frameworks, outcome and performance frameworks, alignment of governance and organisational design, and critical friend and challenge processes. Our consultancy offers the necessary skills to help you develop a clear ambition for the future.

Governance, risk & assurance

Building good governance is an essential tool. We can:

  • develop appropriate governance arrangements aligned to your strategic direction
  • review existing governance arrangements to ensure they are ‘fit for the future’
  • create appropriate enterprise & strategic risk frameworks
  • advise on governance and risk for boards and executives
  • establish effective assurance frameworks

Behavioural dynamics and psychometrics

We can help you develop bespoke behavioural frameworks aligned to your values and vision. Using a variety of methods, such as psychometric profiling, we’ll guide you on how to build emotional intelligence in individuals and organisations. We look at values, behaviours, and emotions linked to strategic direction and culture to build effective systems for change.

Political awareness & development

Developing a political capacity is an important part of organisational development. We advise professionals and politicians on how to build their political awareness, and on how to work in a political environment or with a political group. We offer coaching and mentoring for politicians, and team development for cabinets and executives.