People Development Training

Developing your people is key to improving individual, team, and organisational performance.

We have developed a suite of over 25 learning programmes supporting the development of your people. These can be delivered as an Academy or tailored directly to your needs.

Our learning programmes cover:
Leadership style & strategic leadership

  • Leadership thoughts, schools, and competences
  • Authentic and ethical leadership
  • Personal leadership brand
  • Strategic leadership – principles, attributes, approach, thinking

Leading change & strategic thinking

  • Leading change – principles, organisational development, approaches, resilience, values, and ethics
  • Strategic thinking – VUCA and wicked problems, strategic decisions, structuring decisions, unconscious bias, organisational structure, strategic implementation

Governance & risk

  • Good governance – principles, structures, processes, assurance
  • Strategic risk – global risk landscape, risk culture and roles, enterprise risk management, case studies

Management skills & strategic management

  • Management skills – principles, modern manager, managing teams, motivating teams, managing upwards, communication
  • Strategic management – principles, strategic decision making, influence authority and power, developing leaders, strategic team behaviour, team performance psychometric

Influence, persuasion, negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution

  • Influence, persuasion, and negotiation – influence, authority, power, negotiation, emotional intelligence
  • Mediation and conflict resolution – mediation principles, mediation process, conflict, collaboration, TKI psychometric

Creativity, innovation & emotional intelligence

  • Creativity & innovation – thoughts, principles, creative thinking, techniques and approach, leading innovation, ideation, innovation behaviours
  • Emotional intelligence (EI) – principles, emotions, EI framework, EQ and IQ, EI & leadership, EI psychometrics

Behavioural approach & mindfulness

  • Behavioural approach – principles, values, purpose & identity, cognition & emotion, language & feelings, behavioural responses, neuro-linguistic programming
  • Mindfulness – principles, approach, mindful leadership, self-regulation & life balance, mediation & tapping

Agile working & leadership, development & coaching

  • Agile working – principles, approach, behaviours, models, objectives & key results
  • Leadership, development & coaching – learning models, learning psychometrics, coaching approaches, coaching process, coaching development